Paige Evans
Junior Kindergarten Assistant

Paige Evans, Vicki Wilson's assistant, has been a Kindergarten Assistant at USJ for two years. Mrs. Evans received a B.A. in communications from UT Martin in 1997. She is married to USJ Athletic Director Jody Evans. Their two children also attend USJ. Jackson is in second grade, and Hollin is in first grade. In her spare time, Mrs. Evans likes to be with her family and run.

Karen Harris
Junior Kindergarten Assistant

Karen Harris, Hailey Eldridge's assistant, has been at USJ for nine years as a teacher assistant. She holds an associate degree from Jackson State.

“Our children have the opportunity to learn and to play and to become socialized,” Karen says. “I am here to nurture our children’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth.”

Outside of the classroom, she enjoys spending time with her family. She and her husband, David, have been married for 26 years. Both grew up in Jackson together. David is the Vice President/Controller for Murray Guard, Inc. They have two sons, Mark Carson, who is a senior at USJ, and Chase, who is in the eighth grade at USJ.

“I have a great compassion for children and others," Karen says. "I am very family oriented and have lots of friends.” She also loves to garden in the spring and summer, travel and exercise.

"Plain and simple, I love my job and love working at USJ. Our Headmaster, Directors and support staff are fantastic. They have all created a happy and safe learning environment. The best part about my job is being surrounded by the children and being able to witness that big or small learning experience he or she may have each and every day."

Sara Kazempour
Junior Kindergarten Assistant

Sara Kazempour has been an educator for 16.

She holds a bachelor of arts in teaching English as a foreign language and has been at USJ for seven years as a teacher's assistant. She wants to create a situation for children to learn better through love and help.

Her son, Keyon, is a student at USJ. Outside of the classroom, Sara enjoys playing soccer, swimming, and running. Sara enjoys everything and everyone about USJ. "They are so interesting and caring," she said.