Lower School Art

Art Gallery displays feature young talent

For budding Lower School artists, the Bruin Art Gallery in the school lobby provides an opportunity to showcase their talent while encouraging them to explore their artistic abilities.
“Students are thrilled to have artwork in the gallery,” said Darlene Tanner, Jr. Cubs – Grade 1 art teacher. “The positive attention they receive from this honor is immeasurable.”

The gallery of student art features original pieces that demonstrate lessons learned in class. Each quarter, Tanner and Kay Thomson, Grades 2-5 art teacher, select the artwork for the gallery and honor the featured artists with a reception for their families.

“It is very difficult to select the art as there are so many talented students,” said Thomson. “Having the art gallery inspires students to do their very best and be creative.”

2013-2014 Bruin Art Gallery

Second Quarter

Jr. Cubs - Jr. Kindergarten Students: Mary Margaret Crider, Liza King, Calli Rose Ramer, Dexter Simmons, Khloe Butler, Brody Henson, Taylor May Smith, Rayanna Williams, Elizabeth Sue Barnes, Ava Fongers, Lily Lucas, Edie Montgomery, Dylan Potts, Leda Rose, Abby Varino, and Jesse Via.

Kindergarten and First Grade Students: Edie Allen, Matt Allen, Madeline Eldridge, Drew English, Jasper Harville, Kate Payne, Jack Morris, Russell Wilson, Emma Amos, Chancellor Delk, Lidiah Mahalati, Baylor Rasbach, Olivia Welch, and Brison Wiggins.

Second Grade Students: Ava Barham, Zack Cisco, Madeline Craig, Kamryn DePriest, Garrett Eldridge, Courtney Henley, Annika Jerge, Kate Larkins, Josie Porter, and Audra Sheffield.

Third Grade Students: Zainab Baba, Madelyn Badgett, Cassidy Bruno, Camille Burnette ,Lily Callaway, Alea Cates, Kolby Cohen, Caroline Conder, Mark Cox, Caitlin Giles, Amelia Goehring, Allie Ing, Emma Moody, Chris Phillips, Chris Raines, Curt Sammons, Hannah Scarbrough ,Stella Spencer, Taylor Tremblay, and Lily Kate Varino.

Fourth Grade Students: Michael Crockett, Steele Haynes, Mae Howell, Lily Mitchell, Mina Nair, Stephanie Nnaji, Rylie Palazzo, Olivia Sparkman, and Nathan Wyatt.

Fifth Grade Students: Mary Anki, Cecily Berry, Amar Boparai, Marion Callaway, Kasey Cohen, Carly Conder, Jillian Crenshaw, Saeed Dardas, Megan Everson, Sarah Hanna, Rachel Hellums, Aliza Horn, Maddie Jones, Ikenna Oleru, Abby Porter, Kizer Robertson, Channing Sellers, Matthew Sim, Andrew Smith, Savannah Spencer, Brooklyn White.

First Quarter

Jr. Cubs - 1st Grade Students: Pictured, left to right, front row, are Pierce Phillips, Berkley Bledsoe, Shifa Alhaddad, Sariah Johnson, Graham Shankle, Gabbi Head, and Jake Campbell, second row, Samanthat Goetz, Nebechi Okolo, Harrison Shankle,  Sam Hathcock, Harry Morris, Alex DeCosta, Kipi Golden, and Cole Springer; and third row: Fox Smith, Mary Caryl Gwatney, Sydney Burke, Dhruv Patel, Chase Wimer, Ava Only, Amelia Luttrell, Caroline Alea, and Brody Smith. Not pictured are Patrick Campbell and Stella Hartup.

Second Grade Students: Pictured, from left to right, are Ava Rose, Mia Powell, Christian Melton, Sam McMillin, Lewis Lake, Peyton Campbell, Nura Aldhaddad, and Emma Robinson.
Third Grade Students: Pictured, from left to right, front row, are Mattie King, Kolby Cohen, Madeline Miller, and Hollin Evans; and, back row, Evie Culbreath, Morgan English, Amanee Razeq, Raleigh Seals, Carley Hays, Betha Pucek, and Mimi Campbell.
Fourth Grade Students: Pictured, from left to right, front row, are Vivian Lam, Reid Venable, Gracyn Van Winkle, and Hudson Hamm; and, back row, are Michael Saridakis, Clay Sweo, Elle Jerge, Caroline Wilkerson, Stephanie Ugbaja, Eric Youngberg, Rylie Palazzo, and Eli Robinson.
Fifth Grade Students: Pictured, from left to right, front row, are Andy Lam, Kasey Cohen, Virginia Williams, Lyzanne Tabor, Meg Miller, and Jenna Box; and, back row, Esosa Odeh, Slater Beecham, Emma Richards, Julie Wagner, Jenna Leigh Sammons, Sachi Srivastava, Sydney Sellers, and Savannah Tabor. Not pictured are Savannah Spencer and Armond Etghayl.