2014-2015 Tuition and Payment Schedule

Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, USJ is including fees, a yearbook for each child, and laptops for sixth through 12th graders in the cost of tuition. Read more about the 1:1 laptop program.

Jr. Cubs 2-day program $3,520 $3,520 $1,209 $308 $352
Cubs 3-day program $4,930 $4,930 $1,697 $432 $493;
Jr. Cubs - Kindergarten $7,040 $7,040 $2,417 $616 $704
First Grade $7,570 $7,570 $2,599 $662 $757
Second Grade $7,995 $7,995 $2,745 $700 $800
Third-Fourth Grade $8,590 $8,590 $2,949 $752 $859
Fifth Grade $8,795 $8,795 $3,019 $770 $880
Sixth-Eighth Grade $9,645 $9,645 $3,312 $844 $965
Ninth-Twelfth Grade $9,730 $9,730 $3,341 $851 $973

Included in the 2014-2015 Tuition

  • Technology fee
  • Student activity fee
  • All miscellaneous beginning of the year fees
  • A laptop for all students in grades 6-12
  • A yearbook for all students

Not Included in 2014-2015 Tuition

  • Any fees associated with advanced placement courses
  • Fees associated with any extra curricular activities
  • After school care and Camp Bruins
  • After school enrichment and summer school classes
  • Lunch debit cards
  • Field trips
  • Individual student supply lists


  • USJ contracts with FACTS, a leading independent school, tuition-management company, for the billing and collection of tuition by convenient automatic payments from checking or savings accounts or by credit card. Connect with FACTS here.

  • Discounts for the third child ($500), fourth child ($1,250), fifth child ($1,750), and sixth child ($2,500) in the same family will be credited to the final payment on the 3-Pay Plan and on the 12-Pay Plan.

  • Families are charged a Late Enrollment Fee of $100 if the contract is not returned by deadline.

Tuition Refund Plan (TRP)

USJ, like all independent schools, must take the position that no refund of tuition paid, or cancellation of tuition due, can be made in the event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal of the student. The Tuition Refund Plan (far right column, above) provides families with contractual protection in the event the family leaves the school before year end.

The plan pays 50% of the unused tuition fee for withdrawals other than medical. The plan pays 100% of the unused tuition fee for medical withdrawals. This fee will be due on or before August 1.

Financial Aid

USJ offers financial aid for tuition. FACTS, a national, independent firm, reviews financial information submitted and determines if your family qualifies for financial aid.


Contact Rhonda Klipfel in the business office at 731-664-0812 or rklipfel@usjbruins.org.