Student Life

Are you a soccer player? A trumpet player? Or a chess player? Do your talents shine on the stage? Or in a leadership role?

The breadth of activities at USJ provides opportunities for every child’s interests outside of the classroom. Our successful athletics program, for example, offers 37 teams in 20 sports at the Middle and Upper School level. Our fine arts program offers everything from Lower School musical productions to band to several Upper School choruses.

"Welcome to Middle School"

Experience a day in the life of Middle School students with this video created by USJ students.


USJ students at all grade levels wear uniforms. To be in dress code, uniforms must be purchased through Parker School Uniforms. You can purchase your uniforms at Parker's Jackson store or through the company's website.

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Cafeteria Debit Card

Lunch and Breakfast

Both the Lower School and the Upper/Middle School cafeterias serve a variety of hot and cold items for lunch. Breakfast is also available for Upper/Middle School students. All students must make their cafeteria purchases with a scannable lunch card, which will debit money from the card as the student buys food. Add money to your child's account online.


NetClassroom offers parents and students online access to academic information, including grades, attendance, conduct, assignments, and report cards.

Log Into NetClassroom
Enter your online user ID and password given to you by USJ. If you have misplaced your password or have questions, email

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