General Information

Free Holiday Mart Parent Passes
Each family receives two free Holiday Mart Parent/Student passes. The tickets were sent home last week with each family's youngest child. However, if your youngest or only child is in Upper School, your free tickets are in the Upper School Office. Feel free to stop by or send your student to pick yours up today.


Bakeshop Workshop Needs You!
Did you know that Bakeshop raises upwards of $20,000 for the school each year? The more you bake, the more we make! All families are expected to either make five homemade items, attend a workshop, or donate $50 in lieu of baking. We have two workshops in the next week that desperately need attendees. We could really use your help! At the workshops, we make our signature baked goods to sell at the Mart: Pumpkin Rolls, Cream Cheese Braids, Coconut, and Strawberry Cakes. If you can bake, or at least follow directions, we need YOU! Students, parents, friends, and family are welcome!
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Register your Kroger Plus Card in USJ
To date, 224 out of 800 families have selected to support our school by linking their Kroger Plus Card to USJ's Kroger Rewards Program. USJ receives an average of $4,000 per quarter. Thank you for your support! We have the incredible opportunity to earn up to $50,000 each quarter. Existing customers of the Kroger Plus Card will need to re-link their cards in January. A password is required. Not a Kroger Plus Card member? Go ahead and sign up now so that the school will benefit from your holiday shopping. Remember that in January, you will still need to re-link the card to continue to earn money for our school. WHY TAKE THE TIME? Not only are you helping our school, but you will also be entered into a drawing for one of two fabulous giveaways! It takes a lot of money to maintain and run our beautiful campus. Please take a moment and sign up. It's easy! Grand Prize: Trip to Pelican Beach in Destin! Second Prize: 4 tickets to a Grizzlies game! There will also be a grade competition and competition between campuses. GET EVERYONE INVOLVED! Aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends all over the U.S. can support our school as long as they link to our school number.
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Homecoming T-shirts For Sale
USJ Families, We have a few Homecoming T-shirts left to sell. Short sleeve shirts are $17.00, and long sleeve shirts are $21.00 ($2.00 more for Adult 2XL and $3.00 more for A3XL sizes). These will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so hurry and get yours today, as lower school students will wear their T-shirts this Friday! Email to reserve your shirt. Checks are made payable to USJ Class of 2015. The below sizes at this moment are still available: Short Sleeve: YS – 6 YM – 8 YL – 4 AM – 1 AL – 1 AXL – 5 A3XL – 1 Long Sleeve: YS – 3 YM – 5 YL – 3 YXL – 2 AXL – 1 A2XL – 2 A3XL – 1 Thank you from the Class of 2015!


USJ Arts Guild...
If you would like to join the Patron/Corporate Partnership Program, download the PDF link below for a description of each level of support the program provides as well as the benefits associated with each level. We hope that you will consider supporting the Arts Guild this year to ensure that the fine art program at USJ remains one of the best in the area. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email Suzanne Boyd, or contact her @ 731.695.4404. For a list of events or more information on USJ's fine arts program, view the link below or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @usjartsguild. Thank you so much for your consideration. Christi Haynes, USJ Arts Guild President
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To keep informed on the latest information @ USJ ...
Remember to visit USJ’s website and online calendar daily.
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Communicating through E-mail
Research tells us that engaged parents, committed to their children’s learning and to the success of their schools, are among the richest assets a school can claim. Using email has proven to be a great way for our school to communicate with our families more efficiently. Since USJ has gone paperless and communicates mainly through email, it is important that we have a current email address for each of our families. If you are not receiving emails, your email address has changed, or you’re not sure whether or not we have the correct email address(es), please send an email to Rhonda Klipfel with the following information: Students’ name/grade, Parents’ name, email address(es) you would like to receive emails, and any other contact information that may have changed. As always, please visit the USJ website and the online calendar often for the latest news and information.
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