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College Advising

Preparation for college at USJ begins at the Lower and Middle School level with a strong math and literature-based curriculum. Curriculum rigor continues in the Upper School as students participate actively in academics, athletics, and the arts. The goal of our College Advising Team is to provide individualized attention and support to our students as they participate in the college search and selection process. There are many colleges that will be a good ‘fit’ for each student and we guide our students as they research colleges, meet deadlines, and plan for the future.

We are proud that 100 percent of USJ graduates meet college admission requirements. Their USJ education makes them competitive applicants at the most academic selective schools.

College Prep By Year


Please schedule college visits during fall, spring, and school holidays whenever possible. If it is necessary to miss class to visit a college, we ask that parents and students observe our college visit policy. It is designed to preserve teaching time and promote order in the curriculum. The student must obtain written permission from Carol Ryan and all of his/her teachers before making travel plans. This is accomplished by having a parent email the request to Lori Howell ( at least seven days before the absence. Lori Howell will then fill out the purple prearranged absence form and give it to the student to obtain the necessary signatures. The student must take the form to each of his/her teachers and gain their approval with a signature. After visiting the college(s), please attach proof of the visit(s) to the prearranged absence form and submit all documents to Lori Howell upon returning to school. A note from the college admissions office or a copy of the college appointment confirmation will serve as proof.

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College Profile

USJ's College Profile is sent to colleges with a student's application. It explains the coursework, grading scale, and graduation requirements and provides a snapshot of the class scores, including SAT, ACT, and quintile averages. It also contains information on colleges of acceptance for USJ graduates. 

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