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Interest Groups

Game on!

  • Description:  Do you want a break from the stress of Middle School? Do you want to learn how to play new games? Do you want to learn how to be a good winner or loser?  Do you want to have the time of your life?  Board games encourage teamwork and healthy competition, sharpen strategy and thinking skills, strengthen friendships, encourage new friendships, reduce stress, and create laughter.  Some games to be played include Trouble, Chess, Checkers, Jinga, Tetris, and Sorry.  

  • Meeting time(s): Monthly during break

  • Associated Fees: Based on number of participants and gaming needs

  • Maximum number of participants: 28

  • Sponsors: Mrs. Vargason and Mrs. Davis


Guitar Club

  • Description:  This club is for students who share an interest in acoustic guitar or similar instrument (ukulele, banjo, mandolin, etc.).  This is a great opportunity to meet with and get to know fellow musicians.  It is a great opportunity to share knowledge, play music, make friends, and have fun.  

  • Meeting time(s): Monthly during break

  • Sponsors: Mr. Hight and Mr. Grant

Living Out Loud

  • Description:  This club will meet monthly to discuss Biblical truths in order to learn to be faithful and become a person of character.  Students will engage in devotions related to character, consistency, and courage.  The aspects of a strong prayer life will be used to encourage and lift one another up.  

  • Meeting time(s): Monthly during break

  • Sponsors: Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Morris, and Mr. Hight


Multicultural Club

  • Description:  The multicultural club gives students the opportunity to meet, learn, and share ideas.  The goal is to have a student club that has various cultures, lifestyles, and opinions.  This USJ club is for all students who want to learn about and be a part of culture diversity. 

  • Meeting time(s): Monthly during break

  • Sponsor: Coach Jones


Rippin’ Lips Fishing Club

  • Description: The mission for RLFC is to encourage mutual respect, personal integrity, and lifelong learning.  Our purpose is to strive for sportsmanship and conservation while emphasizing the skills and knowledge needed to be successful anglers.  We will engage in hands-on training and experience while facilitating the development of young anglers. We will also have opportunities to expand fishing skills.  

  • Meeting time(s): Monthly at break and lunch

  • 7th and 8th grade students only

  • Maximum number of participants: 20

  • Sponsors: Coach King, Coach Pledger, and Coach Nelson


Spirit Club

  • Description:  Our group will create and design shirts, sweatshirts, posters, etc. to show student support.  The purpose will be to create individuality through our designs.  We want students to showcase their talents and create easily accessible shirts for all middle school students.  The end goal is to show students that their voice matters. 

  • Meeting time(s): Twice monthly during break

  • Sponsors:  Ms. Coy and Ms. Subia