Upper School Courses

Below is a list of courses offered at the University School of Jackson. Each course is accompanied with the academic year students may take the course, whether it is a year-long or one-semester course, prerequisites, and an overview of the course content. Courses marked with a * meet the Upper School Computer requirement.

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Visual and Performing Arts

(1 unit required for graduation)

Performing Arts – Music

AP Music Theory (Grades 10-12, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

Band – Upper School (Grades 9-12, YR-1.0)

Chorus (9th grade, YR-1.0, Non-Audition and Performance)

Concert Choir (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: USJ Singers, Audition or Departmental Recommendation)

USJ Singers (Grades 10-12, YR-1.0, Non-Audition and Performance)

Performing Arts –Theater Introduction to Theater (Grades 9-12, SEM-0.5)

Advanced Theater (Grades 10-12, Spring SEM-0.5, Prerequisite: Introduction to Theater, Department Recommendation)

Speech (Grades 9-12, SEM-0.5)

Visual Arts

Art I-Beginning Art (Grades 9-12, YR-1.0)

Art II & Art III-Intermediate Art & Advanced Art (Grades 10-12, YR-1.0, Prerequisite-Art I)

AP Studio Art I, II, and III (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Art II or Art III, Departmental Recommendation)

International Art (Grades 10-12, SEM-0.5, Prerequisite: Art I)

Sculpture I and II (Grades 10-12, SEM-0.5, Prerequisite: Art I)

Studio Art (Grades 9-12, SEM-0.5)

Digital Tools for Visual Arts (Grades 9-12, SEM-0.5, Prerequisite: Art I)

Computer Science

(0.5 units required for graduation)

Accounting (Grades 9-12, SEM-0.5)

Broadcast Journalism (Grades 9-12, SEM-0.5)

Computer Coding (Grades 9-12, SEM-0.5)


(4 units required for graduation)

English I-Literature and Composition (9th grade, YR-1.0)

English I Honors-Literature and Composition (9th grade, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

English II-Survey of British Literature (10th grade, YR-1.0)

English II Honors-Survey of British Literature (10th grade, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

English III-Survey of American Literature (11th grade, YR-1.0)

AP English Language (11th grade, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

English IV-Modern Literature (Romantic-Post Modern) (12th grade, YR-1.0)

AP English Literature (12th grade, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: AP English Language, Departmental Recommendation)

Journalism (Grades 10-12, YR-1.0)

Research and Library Operations (Grades 11-12, SEM-0.5)

Book Study Seminar (Grades 11-12, SEM-0.5)

Foreign Language

(3 units of the same language required for graduation)


French I (9-10 grades, YR-1.0) French I Honors (9-10 grades, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

French II (10-11 grades, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: French I)

French II Honors (10-11 grades, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: French I, Departmental Recommendation)

French III (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: French II)

French III Honors (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: French II, Departmental Recommendation)

AP French Language (12th grade, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: French III Honors, Departmental Recommendation)


Spanish I (9-10 grades, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Placement test and/or Departmental Recommendation)

Spanish I Honors (9th grade, YR- 1.0, Prerequisite: Placement Test and/or Departmental Recommendation)

Spanish II (10-11 grades, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Spanish I)

Spanish II Honors (10-11 grades, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Spanish I, Departmental Recommendation)

Spanish III (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Spanish II) This course seeks to develop a greater appreciation for the culture and heritage of the Spanish-speaking countries. The knowledge of grammar is reviewed and expanded.

Spanish III Honors (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Spanish II, Departmental Recommendation)

Spanish IV Honors (12th grade, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Spanish III)

AP Spanish Language (12th grade, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Spanish III Honors, Departmental Recommendation)

History and Social Sciences

(3 units required for graduation)

U.S. and World Issues (Grades 9-12, SEM-0.5)

Economics (Grades 10-12, SEM-0.5)

Government (Grades 10-12, SEM-0.5)

Psychology I (Grades 10-12, SEM-0.5)

AP Psychology (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

World Religions (Grades 9-12, SEM-0.5)

Criminal Justice (Grades 11-12, Fall SEM-0.5, Prerequisite for Forensic Science)

World History (9th grade, YR-1.0)

United States History (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0)

AP United States History (Grades 10-12, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

AP European History (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0, Department Recommendation, Prerequisite: AP or CP US History)


(4 units requires for graduation)

Algebra I (9th grade, YR-1.0)

Algebra I Honors (9th grade, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

Geometry (10th grade, YR-1.0)

Geometry Honors (10th grade, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

Algebra II (11th grade, YR-1.0)

Algebra II and Trigonometry Honors (11th grade, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

Algebra III and Trigonometry (12th grade, YR-1.0)

Pre-Calculus Honors (12th grade, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

AP Calculus (12th grade, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

Physical Education

Strength and Conditioning (Grades 9-12, SEM-0.5)

Wellness (Grades 9-12, SEM-0.5)


(3 units required for graduation, including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)

Anatomy and Physiology (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0)

Biology (9th grade, YR-1.0)

Biology Honors (9th grade, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

AP Biology (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Chemistry, Departmental Recommendation)

Chemistry (10-11 grades, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Biology)

Chemistry Honors (10-11 grade, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Biology, Departmental Recommendation)

AP Chemistry (10-11 grades, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Honors Chemistry, Departmental Recommendation)

AP Environmental Science (11-12, YR-1.0, Departmental Recommendation)

Physics (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0)

Physics Honors (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Algebra II or Honors Geometry, Departmental Recommendation)

AP Physics (Grades 11-12, YR-1.0, Prerequisite: Honors Algebra II, Departmental Recommendation)

Forensic Science (Grade 12, Spring SEM-0.5, Prerequisite: Biology, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Physics; Co-requisite: Physics, Departmental Recommendation)

Lab Technology (12th grade, SEM-0.5, Prerequisite: Department Recommendation, Interview)