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Old Hickory Academy and Episcopal Day School began separately in 1970 with endless preparations and succeeded through the collective determination of countless individuals. Followed seventeen years later by a consolidation, University School of Jackson has emerged today as a premier, independent institution in West Tennessee. For the school's 35th anniversary, a history was written to commemorate 35 years of the tireless efforts from the many parents, teachers, students, and friends who donated their time, sweat, and at may points, financial responsibility, to keep a dream alive of providing the highest quality education for children in West Tennessee.

The focus of the school's history is on four major events of USJ’s life – the beginning of Old Hickory Academy, the beginning of Episcopal Day School, the consolidation of those two schools to form University School of Jackson, and the formation of a single campus for the entire student body. We also list headmasters, founding board members, board chairmen, National Merit award recipients, and more in an attempt to highlight the work and success of as many individuals as possible. An apology is extended to the many more parents, faculty, staff, and students who left their impression on the University School community and who will not be formally recognized by this history. Without their determined actions, the combined achievements now accepted as University School of Jackson would not have reached the high standards it holds today.
"University School of Jackson: Celebrating 35 Years"
was researched and written by Matthew Reed, Class of 2001



All hail to thee, dear USJ,
Now hear us as we sing;
We pledge our hearts and minds to thee,
Our loyalty we bring.
A beacon bright, a shining light;
An inspiration too,
Our loyalty belongs to you;
Our Alma Mater true.
You’ve shared our lives, our hearts, our smiles,
Our dreams and all our fears,
The countless mem’ries we hold dear,
Will linger through the years.
Faith, Service, and Scholarship
Our motto ere shall be.
We hold the fondest memories,
Dear USJ for thee.
Composed and written by Margaret Harrison in 1987.