University School of Jackson


Carpool is the system we use to safely and efficiently get your child into the building in the morning and into your car in the afternoon. Please do not park your car in the carpool area and leave. School administrators have devised a carpool plan so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Parents can help the carpool process by following arrival and dismissal times.
  • Never park your car where it blocks traffic.
  • Students can help the process by getting to their carpool pick-up spot as soon as possible after dismissal.
  • The McClellan Road campus has four entrances, which are numbered.

Upper and Middle School Carpool

  • Middle School carpool flows on the east side of the McClellan Road campus to the cafeteria doors. Please form two lines on the outside, leaving the middle lane open so cars can exit when the child arrives. As you wait, pull your car up as far as possible. When students are safely in the vehicle, parents may pull to the outside lane to exit.
  • Middle and Upper School students are not to be dropped off or picked up in the front of the Upper/Middle School building during carpool hours. (7:15-8 a.m. and 3:05-3:25 p.m.)
  • The front parking lot will be one-way traffic from 7:30-8 a.m. and from 2:50-3:15 p.m. daily. Traffic will flow from east to west, entering from the Middle School drive and exiting through the Upper School drive.
  • Parents and guests will not be allowed to park in the Upper School parking lot waiting to pick students up after school. Students can only be picked up from the carpool line.
  • All buses will pick students up on the Upper School side of the building. Buses will enter the last turn into the parking lot and proceed to the curb area for pick-up.


Lower School

  • Lower School students are assigned carpool numbers and a specific drop off/pick up door, which is staffed by school personnel. Every Lower School child will have a carpool number and a color-coded mirror tag. Carpool numbers are available in your child's classroom as students return to school. If you are in a mixed carpool and have not already registered, see Lisa Cates in the Lower School office.
  • The driveway behind the Lower School is closed to traffic except during carpool times. (There is no through traffic.)
  • To help the flow of carpool, parents should not arrive before carpool starts.
  • If parking your car, park only in parking lots and not on the road or in front of the school where you could block traffic.
  • In the mornings, Jr. Cubs can enter the building between 7:30 and 7:50 through the little gym door and the main entrance. You will need to park in a parking spot and walk them inside. Please do not pull up to the curb because this will block carpool. In the afternoons, you can only use the main entrance to pick up because of the busy afternoon carpool in the gym area.
  • During afternoon carpool, you MUST have your carpool tag visible.


Mixed Carpool

Registration for Mixed Carpool is now available online through the camp system (link on this page). If you have more than one child at the Lower School this year and will not send them to After School Care, please register now for Mixed Carpool. There is no cost to register. However, you must register online to receive your mixed carpool station assignment and hang tags. More information is listed inside the camp system regarding carpool stations and times. Please log in or enroll through the registration links below to see the options for your children.

If you have questions about Mixed Carpool, email Elizabeth Atkins at [email protected]. Please enroll as soon as possible so that Mrs. Atkins has plenty of time to get everyone their carpool tags. You do not need to fill this out if you only have one child in the Lower School. He or she will get a carpool tag from his or her teacher on Come-n-Go Day at the beginning of the school year.



Please do not use your cellphone in carpool. The safety of your children is our highest priority. Help us keep your children safe.

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