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Lauren Yancey named Assistant Director of the Jones Academic Center

The University School of Jackson is pleased to announce the promotion of Lauren Yancey to Assistant Director of the Camille and Ralph Jones Academic Center (JAC). Lauren will assist the JAC Director, Christy Glenn, in the day to day operation of the center and with the instruction of qualifying USJ students. 


The Camille and Ralph Jones Academic Center services assist the University School of Jackson community in maintaining a standard of excellence in USJ's highly competitive academic atmosphere. Academic support services for qualifying students range from managing and updating appropriate classroom accommodations to temporary support, in the form of small group instructional services. These services are in addition to the student's daily classroom instruction. The JAC services provided during the school day are free and are included within the cost of the qualifying student's tuition.


“We are so pleased to have Lauren take on this new role. She has always been willing to go the extra mile to see each of our students succeed. While her background in psychology, along with her structured literacy training, qualifies her for this new role, it is definitely her dedication to our students that makes her perfect for this position,” shared Christy Glenn.


Lauren, who was a Junior Kindergarten Teacher Assistant, expressed interest in an instructor position and then went through over five months of training to become a structured literacy instructor. This included formal training in Wilson’s Reading Fundations, the Wilson Reading System, and the Handwriting Without Tears programs. Upon completion of her extensive training in May, Lauren began teaching full-time during the 2019 JAC Summer Program. With the beginning of the fall semester, Lauren assumed the additional role of Coordinating Private Tutor. 


“I am very excited to continue my career in the JAC, and humbled by the opportunity given by Christy and Mr. Hirstein,” says Lauren. “While working in the JAC, we are able to see first hand the gains our students are making. Those gains translate to confidence and independence in the classroom, and I cannot think of anything more rewarding.”


Lauren graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She and her husband, Drew, live in Jackson with their children, Elle and Thomas, who are both students at USJ.


If you would like to learn more about Lauren, and the great work she is doing with the Jones Academic Center. Visit our website at

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