The Bruins Club


President: Jonathan Campbell
Vice President: Robbie Hite
Secretary: Ashley Rabun
Treasurer & Super Booster Chairman: Angie Box
Athletic Director: Jody Evans

Board Members are Angela Spencer, Angie Box, Trey Carney, Jamie Sullivan, Justin Spencer, Ryan Porter, Jody Pickens, Jody Evans.

The USJ Bruins Club supports all athletic programs in middle school, junior varsity, and varsity programs through financial and volunteer support.

USJ encourages its students to participate in their interscholastic sports programs through one of their 12 upper school and through one of their 9 middle school sports offered.

The USJ Bruins Club raises money to keep our facilities one of the best in West Tennessee. There are four gyms, baseball and softball fields, cross country and track, two soccer fields, three football fields, and tennis courts to maintain.

You can help us keep our facilities and all sports activities one of the top programs by becoming a Super Booster when asked. There are discounted memberships for grandparents and recently graduated alumni. About 70% of our students participate in at least one of our programs. Whether you have someone playing or just enjoy coming to games, this is a great way to support our athletics and receive two passes to all regular season sporting events.

Not only do we provide money, the Bruins Club also provides work. Our volunteers spend countless hours working on clean-up days, concessions, stand duties, and field maintenance.

The Bruins Club is open to all parents, coaches, and staff. We meet the first Monday of every month in the library at 5:15 pm. Show your support and become a Super Booster today.

Go Bruins!

Kyle Atkins, President