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Imagine More Campaign

For over three years now the USJ campus has been a hub of transformation. The Imagine More Capital Campaign was launched in February of 2019 and since that time 14 new projects have been completed on our campus with more to come as we move through 2024 and beyond.


From playgrounds that are, without a doubt, second to none in the region to improved campus traffic circulation, from a state of the art Lady Bruins Field house to artificial turf and enhancements to Carlock Stadium and from the first pitch on our brand new Overton Stadium to the eight new Tennis Courts and a Golf Tennis Center, USJ families have “Imagined More” for their children and their grandchildren and through their efforts have transformed the USJ campus from a 2016 Vision to a modern reality!

To date, more than $8.5 million has been raised for the new campus features. Parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends have heeded the call and dug deep to support the campaign. However, more work remains as we chart the Path Forward!

In the coming months, work will begin on a much-needed turn lane at the intersection of the Upper School and Lower School Road (the main road into campus). The new lane will greatly improve Lower School carpool traffic flow for drop-off and pick-up. Additionally, the Upper School drop-off area will be defined and separated from student and faculty parking, creating a safer more efficient space for car and pedestrian traffic.

Also, in the days ahead sidewalks (pedestrian flow) will continue to be a priority. With each completed and ongoing project (playgrounds, tennis courts, etc.…) sidewalks have been built into the plan. This summer the Upper and Lower Schools will be completely connected with sidewalks and as projects progress every destination point on campus will be accessible with sidewalks. The fall Friday nights of walking in the grass or the street…are thankfully numbered.

As we look at what’s ahead for 2024 and beyond: new parking will be added where the old tennis courts were, a drop-off area at the football fieldhouse will be added, a new entrance to our sports facilities will be erected and continued focus on safety and security for our students and all visitors to campus will be a priority.

USJ still needs your help to ensure the Path Forward. Any size gift moves the needle – it all matters. In the end, it has always been parents and grandparents who wanted more for their children, who have built USJ. This was true in 1970, 1987, 1998, 2004, 2019 and today.  Please know that tuition dollars are not used for any capital projects. If you’d like to hear more details about the Path Forward, please contact Chief Development Officer, Russ Ellis at

Russell Ellis

Russell Ellis